Summer of Tech 2023

Sep 21, 2023 8:10:30 AM

Summer of Tech (SoT) has been connecting organisations in New Zealand with local students and graduates for paid work experience, internships, and graduate jobs since 2006.

This is the second year TEAM IM has been involved in SoT. Last year, we successfully hired two graduates who have exceeded expectations and continued to grow within our team. It was an easy decision to recruit through SoT again this year, and we have been highly impressed with the candidates we have met thus far.

TEAM IM NZ enjoys supporting local graduates and providing them with their first job in the industry. Various tech roles are available, such as Service Delivery, Business Analysts, Testing, Development, and Security.

TEAM IM NZ is currently in the interviewing process, and we are excited to onboard a new member soon!

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