Data Model for WebCenter Content and WebCenter Imaging

Mar 14, 2012 5:56:24 AM

By: Raoul Miller – Enterprise Architect

Whenever you are working with an application like WebCenter Content that is heavily dependent on the database, it is useful to have knowledge of the underlying structure of that database.  With that in mind, I recently used Oracle’s great (free) tool called Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler (quite a mouthful) to model the structure of the database for a WebCenter Content and WebCenter Imaging instance.

I then added some of the descriptions of the entries in the rows based on earlier versions of this data model dating back to Stellent 7.1 (I’m happy to post those earlier data models, too, if they are useful to anyone).

You can download the WebCenter Content data model here and a relational data model here (both in PDF format).

WebCenter Imaging data model is here and relational data model is here.

A couple of observations I will leave for you to ponder:

  • Note the extensive use of Foreign Key constraints referring back to the Definitions table in the IPM / WC Imaging relational model and the complete absence of foreign keys in UCM / WC Content.
  • Take a look at the indexes section for the UCM / WC Content data model and look for indexes created on metadata values created in DOCMETA.  Note that there are no indexes created on user-created metadata (the IPM / WC Imaging integration creates a couple automatically).

A very useful tip for anyone deploying WebCenter Content and leveraging custom metadata for queries – remember that second bullet point above and create your own indexes on custom metadata columns in DOCMETA – your searches will execute up to ten times faster.

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