Building a Bridge to Better Data Management: Integrating Xero and M-Files

Feb 1, 2022 3:22:37 PM

A worldwide leader in online cloud accounting software, Xero has been making life easier for accounting services teams since 2006. 

Xero brings the strengths of cloud-based functionality to accounting software. But that is just the tip of the iceberg. Xero has become as successful as it is because it is designed to work seamlessly with other software platforms.

Whether you need to sync up with CCH Axcess or tie your accounting services to your organization’s larger content management strategy, you can find the Xero integrations you need. 

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Leveraging the Cloud

Before diving into the rich world of Xero’s app marketplace where developers create add-ons and integrations to augment your Xero usage, it is important to examine some of the advantages of cloud computing technology.

Perhaps the biggest advantage of using the cloud is that your data is not tied to one device. Your team can access and utilize your information from any device, anywhere they are. That opens up the viability of remote work and helps ensure that, in the case of device destroying calamity, your valuable data remains intact.

Maintaining device-agnostic information storage also means that you are able to encrypt and secure data at the source instead of on a device-by-device basis. Because your data is gathered in one space, you can see why security is important in cloud computing.

But with strong document management protocols, you can control access to your files for authorized personnel. And Xero bolsters its online security protocols with physically secure servers.

But what are the specific benefits of using Xero accounting software, and how can a cloud based document management system such as M-Files amplify those benefits?

Benefits of Using Xero

Xero takes the strengths of the cloud and brings them to your accounting services. That means a greater ease of communication and collaboration, no more reliance on hard copies of invoices and quotes, and a platform that scales with the size of your company.

Cloud accounting allows team members and clients to get real-time updates on contracts and documents, no matter where they are in the world. It eliminates the wait times needed for faxes or mailing hard copies for signatures or edits.

Two people can create a report together— working on the same document with the same data at the same time— without ever meeting each other in person. 

Not only does that ease of collaboration make providing your clients with the best services possible much simpler, but it also reduces your costs. Using Xero helps you vastly reduce your paper and printing costs which can have a surprisingly significant positive impact on your bottom line.

And to ensure that your cloud computing accounting software stays affordable and keeps up with your growth, Xero offers several different software packages. As your business scales up, so will your accounting software.

But beyond these benefits, the Xero experience is one that no other cloud accounting software can mimic. That’s because Xero gives you the power to create a truly customized experience through app integration.

Xero Integrations

The Xero app marketplace is a resource that allows users to pick from a vast array of applications that were developed to augment the functions and integration of Xero software into your larger tech architecture.

Everyone has different requirements for their software. That’s why something like the Xero app store makes such a difference. Depending on the programs you have used in the past, or that you need to interact with from clients, there is an app in the store for you.

Whether you are providing accounting services or have your accounts payable team use Xero—invoice generation is an important function—it’s a good idea to look through the store to see if there are apps that you could benefit from.

Because in addition to a common need like CCH/Xero integration, new apps for new integrations are being developed by Xero’s partners all the time. These apps share information smoothly and simply with Xero to ensure that you always have the data you need to handle your business.

And Xero is designed to adapt to these add-ons and plug-ins, and app integrations thanks to a legendarily easy-to-use API.

An Optimal API

Application programming interfaces (API) allow the exchange of data sources. An API is what allows your apps and programs to work together. This is true of the games on your phone that connect to your wallet for microtransactions, and it’s true of the apps you use to carry out your account work.

Essentially, an API makes seamless data transfer between apps happen. Without one, you would need to be a stop in a workflow for a person to manually transfer your files and information from one application to another.

To make it easy to integrate with Xero, the apps in the marketplace are built to work with Xero’s API out of the box. So no matter what app you select, you can rest assured that it will work smoothly with your primary accounting software.

And with that optimal API connection, you can take advantage of faster, accurate data transfer from invoices and Xero bookkeeping into your content management system and into the hands of everyone in your organization that needs that data to do their best work.

That means that if you want to get the most out of your Xero integrations, you need a content management platform that works with multiple apps and programs across departments and across your firm—which is why it’s such a big deal that TEAM IM has brought M-Files to the Xero marketplace.

The M-Files Difference

Content management is a part of the business that doesn’t always get the attention it deserves. Of course, if your content management strategy is working correctly, most of your team members won’t need to think about it at all. 

The simpler it is to store, retrieve, and sort your information, the better. And M-Files customers know that they have a content management system that allows them to do their jobs without outdated software slowing them down.

As documents and data are used in different apps throughout your organization, a misspelled name here or there can result in duplicate files or other errors. M-Files uses a metadata-driven approach to catch those errors and keep your data accurate.

M-Files also bolsters the communication benefits provided by Xero’s cloud-based approach. M-Files makes tracking and cataloging version control on contracts and invoices simple and clear for auditing and compliance purposes—without adding a bunch of extra steps to your workflow.

And thanks to the bidirectional API that TEAM has developed, client information from M-Files syncs with Xero automatically while Xero custom invoices and attached files sync into M-Files for a unified source of truth.

Xero integration with M-Files also connects your accounting services to M-Connect—allowing you to customize your software even further. Branded client portals, app development, and a fully-realized digital workspace are just a few of the functions that M-Connect allows you to leverage for even more improvement to your accounting services operations.

Accounting for Success

When it comes to cloud-based accounting software, Xero is one of the top names in the world. When it comes to augmenting Xero’s functions with intelligent content management strategies and software, you can’t beat M-Files.

The bidirectional API, the automatic syncing of data to create a single source of truth for your organization’s accounting information, and the connection to the power of M-Connect are some of the best reasons to invest in Xero and M-Files together.

Additionally, a top-tier content management system like M-Files helps catch the little errors that can throw off a company’s numbers if they are allowed to sit unnoticed. TEAM IM prioritizes the security of your information in the cloud. So between Xero and M-Files, your data will be doubly protected.

Make your accounting software pay even better dividends by pairing it with M-Files. Talk to one of our specialists today to turn your Xero into your hero.

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