M-Connect Accounting Services

Simplify reporting by integrating accounting tools into a centralized portal

Get More Out of Your Accounting Software

Providing your client base with accounting services can be complicated. Hopping back and forth between different programs depending on whether you are working on tax prep, assurance work, client account services (CAS), or even the occasional special consulting project can lead to errors from even the best accountants.

That’s why TEAM IM has developed a platform to allow your accounting teams to simplify their workflows and streamline the processes by which you provide accounting and tax services.

Functional Versatility

Utilize our API integration capabilities with Suralink and CCH AXCESS. If your business needs a complete accounting system overhaul, our developers will work with you to replace the functions of other, less customizable platforms.

Centralized Portal

Streamline your workflows with a central portal. This increases efficiency by eliminating the need to move between different programs and applications and simplifies vertical reporting.

Nimble Integration

Your client base is likely to use a wide range of bookkeeping software. Our solutions are designed to integrate with all of them, including QuickBooks, Xero, Accounting CS Thomson Reuters, and Gusto.

Solutions Across the Accounting Spectrum

The accounting landscape has changed drastically in the last 20 years, thanks to technological innovations. We make sure your firm stays at the forefront of the field by ensuring you stay ahead of the pack in every area of accounting.

Multi-faceted Service Plans

Multi-faceted Service Plans

Our platform helps you optimize your workflows for CAS, tax preparation, and assurance services, as well as providing functionality for more fringe services like external consultation and special internal projects.

Optimized for Mobile

Optimized for Mobile

Ensure your reporting can be viewed and understood by decision makers and clients, no matter where they are or what device they are using.

Branded Client Portal

Branded Client Portal

Make it easy for your clients to give you their data while reminding them of your name and commitment to excellence and customer service.

Scalable Solutions

Scalable Solutions

As your client base grows, our solutions scale to match your needs.

Speak to the Experts

“That was a major turning point, where a (large) client saw the solution and agreed to go first.’ The product pretty much sold itself, which helped immensely.”

Marcus Gibson
Group IMS Manager, Fulton Hogan