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Simple Workflow Software for Effortless Automation


Automate business processes in days

frevvo's eForms and visual workflow automation tools are so easy to use that anyone can design forms and workflows, setup business logic and deploy an automated solution in record time.

Pre-packaged Solutions

Quickly automate and deliver new efficiencies with pre-built templates for common tasks in finance, HR, procurement and other teams.

Zero Code Workflow Design

frevvo makes it easy to design beautiful forms and powerful workflows with its visual workflow builder and 25+ customizable field types.

Point and Click

Develop dynamic forms with auto-populate fields, show/hide sections, calculations, conditional routing and dynamic validation.

Integrate Workflows and Data

Integrate your enterprise data with your workflows using frevvo's APIs. Connect with databases, M-Files, WebCenter & SharePoint.

Built-in Mobile

Build responsive mobile apps for any device. Use no-code visual designers  to create easy-to-use mobile forms and powerful workflows. 

Workflow Optimization

Identify bottlenecks and remove inefficiencies to continuously improve processes with frevvo's in-built workflow analysis software.  

Exciting New Capabilities From frevvo

Further extend your ability to collect data via electronic form through the ability to embed frevvo forms into your SharePoint sites, and create business forms using a point and click wizard that allows you to save documents and data directly to SharePoint.

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Our clients seeing success with frevvo eForms & Workflow

Workflow Software that anyone can use

Process management can be intimidating.  Real-world business processes can have complex routing, business logic and exceptions. 

frevvo's visual tools are so easy to use that anyone can design forms & workflows, create business logic, and deploy an automated solution.

Use Cases 

frevvo solves a wide range of use cases with pre-packaged modules and designs, meaning you can deliver value quickly, with proven eForms and workflows available out-of-the-box.

Employee Onboarding

Streamline essential paperwork for simple new-hire onboarding with online forms, digital signatures, and self-service mobile access. Give your new starter a great first day.

Purchase Orders

Simplify purchase order management processes with pre-built templates to reduce bottlenecks, improve customer response and accelerate the speed of your finance function.

Procurement Automation

Reduce bottlenecks, accelerate purchasing and manage spend in one place with pre-built procurement templates. No more relying on multiple tools, spreadsheets and paper forms.

Expense Approval

Automate and streamline your expenses process with pre-built templates, or create your own Customization is easy – forms, routing, business logic, and integration are all visual.

Invoice Approval

Easily create invoice approval forms with a pre-built template, define approval routing, and add custom business logic using simple drag-and-drop tools and visual workflows.

Leave Approval

Quickly and easily approve and manage employee leave requests. Request leave easily, notify managers instantly, approve or reject in seconds, and auto-update your HR system.

Download our workflow automation ebook

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There are so many automation options to choose from - the selection process can be overwhelming.

This ebook outlines the most important features to consider, so you can select the right solution for your business.


The frevvo eForms and workflow automation platform is incredibly versatile. In addition to integrating with databases and enterprise systems to read and update core business data like customer records, frevvo also integrates with a range of content management systems.


Our integration for M-Files information unleashes the full power of frevvo eForms and workflow. Make use of all your data stored in M-Files, store completed forms in the M-Files repository and access forms and workflows in the M-Files interface.


frevvo enhances your existing investment in SharePoint. Create forms and workflows with drag & drop designers, use point and click wizards to save your documents to a SharePoint library or to write data to a SharePoint list.

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Increase the agility and the business value of your enterprise content by integrating frevvo eForms and workflow to your WebCenter Content platform.  Our integration makes it simple to initiate and manage workflows from the WebCenter platform.

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