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Dropbox Sign provides a modern way for your business to digitally request electronic signatures from your partners, candidates, employees, clients and suppliers. TEAM IM’s DropBox Sign for M-Files and solution allows an authorized user to select a document where the document type has been configured to allow e-Signatures, like a contract or work order and populate the relevant properties (like signatory email addresses) and then “Send for Signature.” The counter parties will receive a notification to digitally sign the document. Once all signatories have signed, the fully executed version is automatically saved back into M-Files. All executed documents conform to e-Consent laws and are legally admissible.

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Automate you contracts with M-Files and Dropbox Sign

Implement a robust contract lifecycle management solutions from M-Files including the:

  • Ability to create contract templates by types (e.g. NDA, MSA, Work Order etc.)
  • Categorize contract templates (e.g. Sales, Procurement, HR etc.)
  • Version control templates (Draft, Active, Inactive)
  • Manage contract template Life cycle.
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Generate Contract from Metadata and Templates

  • Capture contract metadata like client contact, contract term, effective date, amounts etc.
  • Generate standard documents every time.
  • Control the internal review and approval process with configurable workflows.
  • Track risks and issues against each contract
  • Record and track milestones against a contract
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Flexible Advanced Document Generation Capability

  • M-Files MENT provides the capability to manage more advanced templates at the clause level. Add or remove standard clauses based on easy conditional logic. (e.g. If the customer in the EU – then insert GDPR clauses)
  • Collect contract information online via a link or QR code. (e.g. Ask customer to insert details like legal name, physical address and shipping address, billing contact, technical contact, etc.
  • Standardize all contracts and clauses increasing your protection and legal/contractual risk against unauthorized customizations.
  • Easy no code setup – upload your exiting templates and paint metadata fields / contract properties using the online editor.
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Save time collecting signatures.

  • Save time collecting internal signatures,
  • Exhibit a modern digital persona to your customers with a digital delivery and execution experience.
  • eConsent solutions took off during the pandemic and became widely accepted through necessity. Further optimize the process by integrating the sign, send, track and save process without ever leaving Greenhouse.
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Automated Record Keeping

  • Executed agreements are automatically saved back to M-Files, eliminating the need for humans to remember to save it into the correct place.
  • Signature requests are tracked, with a status displayed in M-Files for each request, so you are always on top of your requests
  • Dropbox Sign will automatically send reminders for outstanding requests.
  • Cancel and re-send requests if there is an error or omission in the agreement or the request.
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DropBox Sign & eSignature benefits

  • Improve document turnaround times by 80%
  • Improve completion rates by 80%
  • Shorten execution cycles by as much as 10 days
  • Get to ROI 2x faster than other legacy eSignature providers (G2 crowd 2018)
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