ABBYY Timeline - Process Intelligence

Mine your workflows to eliminate bottlenecks and optimize processes



Save millions of dollars in manual process analysis while drastically reducing costs associated with compliance risks


Reduce time to identify opportunities for automation by 50%


Achieve 85% faster reporting and production planing time


Reduce cycle time by 30% with process redesign

There is simply no way to systematically improve your business processes before understanding what they currently are and, most importantly, how they perform.


Real business transformation requires intelligent analysis of current processes.

When an organization's employees are frustrated with poor internal processes, it affects your customers. Until now, understanding how internal business processes actually work took traditional process evaluation methodologies that heavily relied on manual, sampling-based process discovery, mapping, and analysis. However, such evaluation methodology has long been regarded as costly, subjective, and painfully slow. These methods often fail to keep pace with leadership’s performance improvement demands.

In the modern age, one of the side effects of the digital era is the wealth of data captured by every platform involved in an organization's business operations. The challenge–and phenomenal opportunity–is to cost-effectively and easily convert the plethora of data points generated by these operational systems into a comprehensive, understandable and usable end-to-end view of process execution. Business intelligence (BI) does not solve this challenge. BI is fantastic at providing any number of point-in-time snapshots of key business metrics, but it fundamentally struggles with joining any temporal series of events together and fails miserably at providing any meaningful, process based analytics.

There is, however, an answer: a platform designed specifically to aggregate and organize the data points left behind in the audit logs of any existing software application. This field of study emerged around 2010 as process mining and has now evolved into a class of products collectively referred to as Process Intelligence. Process Intelligence is a fast emerging, essential business strategy that will enable organizations to take control of their processes and provide an opportunity to drive towards continuous and sustainable process excellence.

For the first time, it is possible to visualize and understand how your operational processes are really executed from end to end, in all their variations, across any number of systems. Sophisticated Process Intelligence tools make it easy to:

Identify impactful process deviations
Reveal potentially high-ROI efficiency improvements
Expose glaring compliance risks
Zero in on the root causes of specific behaviors

Effectively, Process Intelligence brings diagnostic analytics to augment any existing analysis efforts, therefore making it extremely complementary to BI investments.

ABBYY Timeline not only delivers 100 percent visibility for any process flow executed by your IT systems, but it also makes it possible to understand the complex dynamics that drive unexpected or undesired behaviors. Chances are you already have a significant investment in enterprise IT systems, as well as any of a variety of departmental systems.

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Take a look at how the business process mining tools of ABBYY Timeline work by identifying whether an expense reports task is right for automation.

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