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What if you could transform your data into high-value knowledge?

Smartlogic’s Semantic AI platform – Semaphore - helps you  identify and extract contextual data to drive new value into customer experience, search, analytics, records management, automation and compliance.


Semantic AI

Smartlogic’s Semantic AI platform – Semaphore – allows you to reveal qualified contextual data to drive a range of enterprise initiatives.

Improvements in customer experience, contract lifecycle management, records management, data and text analytics, process automation, regulatory compliance, and information security are all made possible.


Digital Transformation

The role of digital technology has changed - in today's enterprise, people, businesses, and information have become increasingly interconnected.

To be competitive and profitable, organizations must leverage all information – structured and unstructured – and apply innovative technologies to modernize business processes, activities, models, and strategies.

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Our clients seeing success with Smartlogic Semaphore

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When the New Zealand Department of Conservation (DOC) implemented its new content management system, one of its boldest steps was shedding the traditional folder structure.

Instead they chose to rely on intelligent search, by adding automated auto-classification / document tagging, using Smartlogic Semaphore and a TEAM IM-developed integration with Oracle WebCenter Content.

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Use Cases


Our 10+ year experience with the Semaphore AI platform allows you to extract rich, contextual data from enterprise information to drive a range of value-rich initiatives.


Analyse all datasets - structured and unstructured, enabling data-powered transformation in customer experience, revenue growth and risk management.

Intelligent Search

Create a knowledge-driven search experience with precise, contextual metadata. Quickly identify, explore and navigate to relevant information.

Records Management

In concert with TEAM IM's AutoRecords tool, Semaphore’s modeling, rules and auto-classification tools enable you to fully automate your records management policies.

Process Automation

Automate business processes and deliver new value from RPA using Semaphore's AI and machine learning to extract data from enterprise information.

Customer Experience

Semaphore harmonizes enterprise and customer language so you can direct your customers to relevant information, new products and identify problems quickly.


Control the costs of regulatory compliance by automating information governance best practice. Use Semaphore to mitigate risk and streamline your compliance processes.

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We have over 10 years experience working with Semaphore to solve our customers business challenges by using their enterprise information in new and innovative ways. 

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To extract the maximum value from your enterprise information, you need to be able to integrate Semaphore with a range of enterprise systems and repositories.  

SharePoint & O365

Use the SharePoint term store to enrich a wide range of information in SharePoint & SharePoint Online to drive improved search and better management of your high-value records. 

Oracle WebCenter

Transform documents managed in Oracle WebCenter to increase the value of your information for internal and external audiences, and automate records management compliance.


Harmonize enterprise and customer language in your external websites so your customers can find the information they need when they need it to save time and increase satisfaction.

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