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Our Approach

Our independently certified team has decades of experience in the content management space.  We've seen trends come and go and through it all we remain focused on the best and most cost-effective solutions for our clients, found by getting to the heart of your business challenges and working with your team to find practical and cost-effective solutions.

We can guide you through the process, answering common questions, including:

  • Cloud or On-premises?

  • Full-featured ECMS or single application?

  • How to integrate with existing systems?

  • Selection of platforms and solutions.

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How We Engage

We are here to meet your needs.  We offer a range of services and engagements depending on where you are in your journey to content and process maturity.

We can undertake a full strategic engagement where a team of our experts documents all of your current systems, processes, content stores, and the challenges associated with each.  After this comprehensive analysis we prepare a series of options, tactical goals, and longer-term strategic investments.  We work with you to create a practical roadmap to improve information governance, data quality, and content processes.

Alternatively, if you have a specific question or challenge, one of more of our team can engage to educate you on the state of the market, best practices in content and records management, how to improve systems integration or cloud deployments, or whatever other issues you need addressing.

Use Cases

With over 20 years’ experience in content and unstructured data management, our advisory team has the experience to protect you from wasting time and energy trying to develop your own solutions. Here are some examples of recent challenges and how our content advisory team was able to help our clients solve them.


Cloud deployment of key applications and data stores has been a huge paradigm shift in our industry over the past 5-10 years.  However, data losses, outages, and security breaches occur, which leads to concerns about the safety of cloud environments.

In reality, most issues are caused by inappropriate deployments and configurations and we can work with your IT team to migrate some or all of your key systems to the cloud safely and cost effectively.  TEAM IM migrated all of our systems to the cloud over seven years ago and our experts have worked with Amazon, Azure, Oracle, Google, and private cloud vendors.  We can also advise you on hybrid and private cloud appliance deployments.

Most of our recent advisory engagements include at least some analysis of cloud migrations and platforms.  Our experienced advisors can help you determine where to start, how to select vendors and platforms, and how to integrate cloud with your existing systems.


Many clients have large quantities of content in shared folders or file systems. This is inefficient, costly, and potentially risky. 

A recent client had over 70TB of files on two large shared disk arrays and the volume was growing unsustainably.  A strategic engagement documented the content in these files and folders and where they were stored.  We then developed a plan to migrate all of the valuable data to managed platforms and securely delete the rest.


Managing files and data stores with client or personal information can pose a large risk for organizations – especially with the rapid evolution of legislation in various jurisdictions.

Our team was able to assist a large public sector authority in developing and deploying retention policies for files to achieve improved findability to respond quickly to public records requests.

To achieve this we first had to understand what content existed and where, and how to best manage it once it was identified and tagged.


Many organizations grow by acquisition and it is common to find multiple data stores and management systems working inefficiently in parallel.

 A recent client had grown rapidly in the past years and now had multiple ERP, CRM, and content management systems with no integration or data sharing between them.  Our experts developed a roadmap to address key challenges and enable their tech team to focus energy and resources on systems and integrations that would generate the best ROI.  We were also able to identify substantial cost savings by eliminating superfluous applications, support, and infrastructure.


TEAM IM has worked with clients all around the globe and in all aspects of the private and public sectors. Our expertise is domain-based rather than industry specific, but over the years there are certain areas in which we have gained particular experience.


We have worked with all levels of government, from cities to national governments, in the US, Canada, UK, New Zealand, and Australia. We understand the unique challenges and complexities that you face and have successfully helped our clients to develop strategic roadmaps, comprehensive programs, and one-off solutions.

Whether you need a trusted partner to work alongside your architects and analysts to design and develop a comprehensive redesign of your information governance program, or an independent advisor to help you understand the complexities of the content and records management marketplace, we can help.


Every manufacturing business is unique, but there are common threads and challenges. From cleaning up data in ERP systems to advising on integrations between ERP, CRM, and workflow platforms, we can identify process improvements and collaboration opportunities that will save you money and risk while improving efficiency.

Our key approach is to listen and ask questions, because nobody knows your business like you and your staff. The value we provide is through a clear understanding of best practices and the ways that technology has helped other clients in the past. We work with you to identify areas for attention and investment and then assist in development of business cases to present to management.

Financial Services

Two of the largest concerns in any financial services business are security and compliance, and our advisors are skilled and experienced in addressing concerns with either. Insurance companies are very workflow and document-centric and we have assisted many clients in this sector streamline processes and improve access to data and information.

Another key challenge for many financial services organizations is compliance with record-keeping in different jurisdictions. We have worked with many international businesses (we are one) and helped them manage and retain records in accordance with multiple sets of rules and requirements.

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