Document Classification with ABBYY Vantage

Randy Sussner
Dec 29, 2022 11:40:40 AM

Document Classification


One of the most powerful and useful features of ABBYY Vantage is the ability to classify documents. By training ABBYY using examples of the documents, you can train the system to identify the type of document. This article outlines a use case where invoices and bill of lading documents enter the system at the same time. Vantage will classify these documents based on training, sending them to the proper document skill for extraction.


Classification Skill

To create a classification skill, follow these steps

  • Create a Classification skill in Vantage


  • Once the skill is created, create a class for each type of document – here we’ve created a skill with Invoice and Bill of Lading documents
  • Upload several document examples to each class added
  • Click the Train button to train the results
  • Review the results




It is very easy to create a classification skill in ABBYY Vantage that will target specific kinds of documents. Sample documents are uploaded allowing Vantage to build the necessary intelligence to classify these kinds of documents. Now it is ready for use! The next step is to incorporate the classification skill into a larger process skill that will fully process the documents.

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