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Jan 17, 2023 9:54:04 AM

M-Files Intelligence Services 

M-Files provides a large catalog of useful applications and add-ons for your document management system. A few of our favorite applications here at TEAM IM include: 

  • M-Files Smart Extractor (includes Matcher and Text Analytics)
  • M-Files Smart Classifier 
  • M-Files Smart Metadata (includes Knowledge graph)

These applications allow for improved metadata entry, increasing both the efficiency and accuracy of data capture. However, not all applications are equal - and a few of them require you to store a subset of your data in the cloud for analysis in order to improve the machine learning provided by these applications. 

Security Considerations

The applications that require you to store your data in the cloud are Smart Classifier and Smart Metadata (with Knowledge Graph). These services use a Shared M-Files Cloud service in the Microsoft Azure Cloud to provide the artificial intelligence used to classify documents and capture metadata. Each time you classify a document and capture metadata, that document is sent to the cloud using HTTPS encryption (which uses a SHA-384 certificate), after which the document is deleted from the Cloud. In addition, M-Files will send samples of documents to the cloud periodically for Machine Learning purposes. These sample sets are permanently stored in the cloud and are not shared with 3rd parties. Cloud services are available in the following two regions:

To use Smart Classifier and Smart Metadata, you are required to use an API key, which is a 32-digit alpha-numeric string unique to each customer. These keys can be refreshed on a schedule if desired.

The information security management system for the cloud operations delivered by M-Files has been independently audited and verified by Kiwa Inspecta as being in conformance with ISO/IEC 27001:2013

For more information about M-Files Platform Security, refer to

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