M-Files Smart Migration - Overview

Feb 2, 2023 11:37:12 AM

What is M-Files Smart Migration?

M-Files Smart Migration is an application that uses other M-Files Intelligence Services to perform content migration from external repositories. Using the IML connector and a set of intelligence services (either Smart Metadata + Knowledge Graph, Text Analytics, and Smart Classifier) M-Files Smart Migration can capture unique data within each file, classify the documents, and add metadata for you automatically. The metadata tags are created based on the content of each document, and/or patterns of data entry within the vault, depending on which selection of Intelligence Services you choose.

Smart Migration is only available to organizations with Professional or Enterprise Subscription. In addition, Smart Migration has successfully tested only up to 200K documents. Organizations who want to migrate more than 200K documents are advised to consult with M-Files first.

Note that Smart Migration is configured using M-Files Intelligence Services, and these services in turn must be configured, connected to the cloud, and trained using documents already within the vault. This means that Smart Migration cannot be used for migrating documents into a brand-new empty vault. In addition, Smart Migration cannot import non-document objects, as none of the intelligence services train on non-document objects.

When is Smart Migration a Good Idea?

Smart Migration might be a good option for you if the following is true:

You don’t have a lot of documents to migrate. M-Files states that Smart Migration has only been tested for up to 200K documents at a time, and any data set larger than that which requires migration should be reviewed by M-Files first.

Your vault isn’t empty. Smart Migration requires that you already have documents within the vault which are being used to train the Intelligence services.

You already are utilizing the M-Files Intelligence Services successfully. Great! You’re halfway there to being ready to use Smart Migration.

Your vault structure is strict and clean. Smart Migration relies on intelligence services, which in turn rely on strict rules within the vault for accurate training. If your vault is poorly organized, the Intelligence Services cannot train themselves as accurately, and therefore this can cause errors with Smart Migration.

If you say yes to the above, then you could consider Smart Migration as a possible method of document ingestion.

For more information regarding how your data is kept in the Cloud for the intelligence Services, you can learn more on the M-Files website at https://www.m-files.com/products/platform-security/

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