Key Highlights from TEAM IM NZ Community Initiative Projects 2021

Feb 3, 2022 4:45:00 AM

Authors: The business support team – Lorraine Coyle & Snehal More  

At the beginning of 2021, members of the business support and managed services team from the Wellington office joined forces to brainstorm ideas for ways to improve the social impact we have as an organisation on the community and to reduce our workplace carbon footprint. We knew that many of our colleagues already supported charities and made conscious efforts to be sustainable outside of work. However, we felt it was important to harness this individual spirit into a collective force that could be channeled through the workplace.  

Our ideas were received by the Wellington-based Directors and the wider team, so the Community Initiative Program was born! TEAM IM believes the recovery of New Zealand’s small businesses post COVID-19 is vital to the sustainability and growth of the economy and to the well-being of thousands of small business owners and the people they employ. 

This article gives you an insight into some of the initiatives TEAM IM took part in throughout 2021. 

Our most memorable initiative was supporting a New Zealand-based social enterprise that provides over 200 jobs for people with mental and physical disabilities. TEAM IM supports this cause by purchasing office essential cleaning goods and subscribing to the services & products that Will & Able has to offer.  Will & Able are aiming to keep our communities thriving while providing earth-friendly products and help showcase New Zealand as a world-class place to live and do business.  

In addition to that, TEAM IM contributed to the Variety Children’s Charity, who in connection with Warehouse Group, converted each $10 gift card into a $25 child’s gift voucher. TEAM IM raised $300, which was converted into $750 worth of toys to donate to NZ children.  


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