TEAM IM NZ Scholarship for Māori

Sep 18, 2023 1:02:16 PM

TEAM IM NZ is delighted to announce that we have partnered with Victoria University of Wellington to provide the TEAM IM NZ Scholarship for Māori. This new scholarship program aims to support and empower Māori students pursuing a higher education in STEM fields.

The scholarship is open to Māori students planning to enroll in an undergraduate degree program in STEM at Victoria University. It will provide financial support to two students for three years of study. The scholarship will also offer the recipients mentoring, networking, and career development opportunities. In the final year of the scholarship, the recipient will complete a paid summer internship to obtain a graduate role at TEAM IM NZ.

The scholarship is rooted in TEAM IM’s values and importance for diversity and inclusion. We aim to recognise and reward students’ academic achievements and cultural and community involvement. The scholarship also acknowledges the importance of whakapapa (genealogy), whanaungatanga (relationships), and manaakitanga (care) in Māori culture and identity.

Applications open on the 30th of October and close at 4:30 pm on the 30th of November. Read more about the scholarship and requirements on the Victoria University website: TEAM IM NZ Scholarship for Māori (School Leavers) | Scholarships | Victoria University of Wellington (

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