ContentWorX User Experience Refresh

Nick Charles
Oct 7, 2021 9:01:16 AM

TEAM IM is upgrading its ContentWorX platform with a new modern user interface which is now being delivered to our New Zealand government clients.  TEAM IM US has deployed the Modern UI at a number of public and corporate clients in the US.

The benefits of the new capability will include:

  • Providing users with a modern and intuitive user experience
  • Tighter integration with the Microsoft O365, including co-author capability and support for Office online
  • Introduction of services layer facilitating extensibility and integration options
  • Significant performance improvements, due to client side vs server side UI rendering
  • Easier extensibility and configurability of the UI, through the use of modern UI platform

An example of the improved user experience is through the creation of a Homepage concept with panels that can be arranged by the user to ensure that their most important information is close to hand.

ContentWorX Image

This new UI further extends and improves the usability and utility of the ContentWorX platform for our customers.

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