TEAM IM snags 2 speaking slots at M-Fest (M-Files GPC 21)

Volker Schaberg
Oct 7, 2021 12:53:46 PM

TEAM IM is excited to have 2 clients presenting their digital transformation stories at this years M-Files Global Partner conference (aka M-Fest).

Session 1 

1st up is Marcus Gibson, Fulton Hogan Group IMS Manager.  Marcus will provide insights on their mission to create a Corporate Brain, in the quest for continuous process improvement and efficiency.  Fulton Hogan is one of the largest Infrastructure Construction companies in the ANZ region.  "Corporate Brain" in this context means controlling the data and documents that make up their construction and quality management systems.  Many construction companies use cloud based management systems, which provide great functionality to execute the project at hand but are not great at promoting process standardization across projects and creating long-term corporate knowledge.  Fulton Hogan selected long time partner TEAM IM and M-Files to brings this construction management system control in-house to achieve several objectives, including:

  • Process standardization 
  • System consolidation (and associated cost savings)
  • The ability to leverage the operational data and turn it into Corporate Knowledge

Fulton Hogan is now extending the core construction management processes into pre-contract sales and tender management (M-Connect Portal), as well as in the field offline quality management inspections (Field Services).  This session will include short demonstrations of the Tender / Sub-contractor Management process and system, as well as the QA mobile app.


Session 2

The next session will be delivered by Troy Adams, CIO of VDA.  VDA is the leading  Elevator and Escalator Consulting Firm, conducting tens of thousands of safety and modernization surveys every year.  Troy's session will explain how VDA has realized their vision of:

  • Digitizing their paper-based survey process
  • Automating the subsequent safety or modernization report generation process 

Leveraging TEAM IM's Field Services platform, VDA consultants and employees now complete surveys on their mobile phones or tablets, either online or offline.  Each safety survey encompassed circa 300 data points to be captured per device (i.e. one elevator or escalator).  Approximately 80% of that data is metadata describing the device which remains the same from survey to survey. 

The 1st benefit of this digital transformation initiative is the time to complete a survey and the turn around time to get the client report issued.  Simply put if you can pre-populate the static survey data from previous surveys, then it stands to reason that roughly 80% of the survey is completed at survey initiation time.  This not only saves time but also allows the surveyor to concentrate on the high value safety related aspects of the survey. In addition, recording the data points as metadata in M-Files is facilitating the automatic generation and issue (via M-Connect Portal) of the client reports and other client information and documents.

TEAM IM is excited and proud to have  2 key customers share their M-Files and M-Connect powered Digital Transformation journeys.








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