Construction Quality Inspection App Recently Launched

Scott Olesen
Apr 18, 2022 11:47:16 AM

TEAM IM recently worked with a civil construction company in New Zealand to launch a quality management inspections mobile application for use on their projects. The mobile application was built using TEAM IM’s rapid development field services solution and was rolled out initially in a pilot stage in 2021. The application recently went to production and is now available for use on all projects.

The construction company has a comprehensive set of quality checks detailed in over 600 inspection forms. Before the quality mobile app, project engineers were performing the QA inspections on paper forms. The paper forms were either saved in a filing system or scanned and checked into a content management system as a record. Now, with their mobile application, the inspection forms can be filled out on a mobile device, easily include digital photographs as evidence, and digital signatures for sign-off. After the inspection is complete, a copy of the inspection form is saved to an M-Files Vault in PDF format as a compliance record for the project.

With our rapid development Field Services platform, we built the app once, and deployed it to iOS and Android devices and Windows desktops. Built directly into the platform, the app automatically syncs data bi-directionally in the background between the device and the cloud. That means no data loss or impact to the engineers even with poor or no internet connectivity. The app also works with phone and tablet hardware such as:

  • GPS location 
  • Accelerometer 
  • Photos
  • Quick Response (QR) codes 
  • Integration with Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), Near Field Communication (NFC), Bluetooth, etc.

For security, the app framework supports SAML, WS-Fed, and OpenID. Also, all data is encrypted on the device and in the cloud which makes it SOC2 and GDPR compliant. You can learn more about our field services rapid mobile development platform from our Field Services solutions page.


TEAM IM is an experienced solution company that advises, develops, implements, supports, and manages enterprise grade process, information and content management systems. For more than twenty years, TEAM IM has acted as a trusted advisor to our clients through our offices in Australia, New Zealand, Europe and the United States. Our mission is to assist our client to get the most out of their investments in technology. Whether our clients are large government agencies or corporations, construction firms, accounting firms, heavy industry, or smaller organizations, we strive to deliver demonstrable business benefits and generate real return on investment for our clients.

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Our products and solutions encompass Advisory Services, Implementation Services and Managed Support Services. We specialize in Business Process Automation and Optimization, Content Platforms and Content Services and we are also a leader in Mobile App/Field Services software development and Digital Workplaces. We have industry-specific solutions for the Construction and Accounting Services sectors, and cross-industry solutions for Accounts Payable, Contract Management, App Modernization, Field Services and File Sharing.

At TEAM IM we are passionate about delivering outstanding outcomes for you, our clients.

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