TEAM IM uses its M-Files Certified M-Connect Software to share reports with Clients

Sam Harp
Apr 11, 2022 6:47:54 AM

TEAM IM produces weekly or monthly reports that cover statistics for our clients including hours consumed, hours remaining, current issues, resolved issues, etc. Until recently, the reports were shared via email. Once the client received the report, they would find a place on their local hard drive to store it.

The process was cumbersome in that everyone received way too many emails. Sometimes the emails went to SPAM (most likely because of the report attachment) or were lost in the sea of emails the client received

In an effort to streamline this process, TEAM started sharing the monthly reports with customers using the TEAM IM M-Connect product, which extends the capabilities of M-Files to both internal and external users. Sharing the reports via M-Connect has the following benefits that include:

  1. A simple  URL link that is shared via email with no attachment.
  2. When the client clicks the link (and may optionally securely log in), it will display all of the reports that they have access to
  3. Clients can easily select a report to view and may also print the report if required
  4. All reports stay in the same share, so they are easily accessed by the customer at any time on any device

M-Connect is a configurable web-based platform where any business process can be visualized and securely constructed. Features include:

  1. User authentication with M-Files or a secondary security service
  2. Widgets that include:
    1. Form Generation
    2. Task List
    3. Reporting
    4. Document Viewer, which includes the ability to view, annotate, redact, full-text search, highlight matches, and E-signature capabilities.

Potential use cases/applications for M-Connect include:

  1. Data room (like Report sharing for clients and trading partners)
  2. Supplier onboarding
  3. Finance applications
  4. Construction contract management between vendors and suppliers

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TEAM IM is an experienced solution company that advises, develops, implements, supports, and manages enterprise grade processes, information and content management systems. For more than twenty years, TEAM has acted as a trusted advisor to our clients through our offices in Australia, New Zealand, Europe and the United States. Our mission is to assist our clients to get the most out of their investments in technology. Whether our clients are large government agencies or corporations, construction firms, accounting firms, heavy industry, or smaller organizations, we strive to deliver demonstrable business benefits and generate real return on investment for our clients.

Our products and services offer solutions to transform your business by automating and modernizing your operations. We work hand-in-hand with our clients to understand their goals and create and execute multi-year, continuous improvement plans. Our mission is to support and manage every solution we deliver, so we take care to design long term, future proof, maintainable solutions. We work with best-in-class technology partners that we have carefully selected to ensure we can execute our plan and achieve our clients continuous improvement goals.

Our products and solutions encompass Advisory Services, Implementation Services and Managed Support Services. We specialize in Business Process Automation and Optimization, Content Platforms and Content Services and we are also a leader in Mobile App/Field Services software development and Digital Workplaces. We have industry-specific solutions for the Construction and Accounting Services sectors, and cross-industry solutions for Accounts Payable, Contract Management, App Modernization, Field Services and File Sharing.

At TEAM IM we are passionate about delivering outstanding outcomes for you, our clients.

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