TEAM IM Announces the Launch of Dropbox Sign for Procore (with Side Panel Functionality)

by TEAM IM, on Nov 3, 2023 9:46:27 AM

Minneapolis, 2 November 2023 - Released by TEAM IM

TEAM IM, is thrilled to announce the 2nd major release of Dropbox Sign for Procore. This version leverages Procore’s new Side Panel functionality released at Groundbreak 2023, Procore’s annual construction technology conference attended by over 3,800 industry professionals.

Procore Side Panel offers a new, context-aware way for Procore partners and customers to seamlessly access third-party integrations within the Procore Platform – right next to their existing tools. This eliminates the hassle of constant app-switching, granting users access to partner tools and data when and where they need it. Procore Side Panel improves efficiency and streamlines workflows, thus creating a fully connected ecosystem experience.


Dropbox Sign for Procore now supports the ability to prepare and send for signature commitments (work orders, purchase and change orders), change events and prime contracts (detail and change order), with more tool support planned as Side Panel support is added.

“We are very excited to roll out the latest update of Dropbox Sign for Procore which leverages the latest user experience and API integration pattern provided to partners by Procore,” said Volker Schaberg, COO & CTO of TEAM IM. “The integration is designed to improve efficiency, streamline operations, and make eSignature processes easy to access directly from within Procore.”

“TEAM IM were quick to sign up for our Side Panel beta program and released their Dropbox Sign for Procore Side Panel compatible integration a day after we released the Side Panel capability at Groundbreak 2023,” said Larry McDonough, director of product management, Procore ecosystems. “It has been a pleasure working with Dropbox and TEAM IM to bring additional eSignature options to the Procore Platform. The ecosystem team looks forward to adding more feature support as this new integration pattern matures.”

“Dropbox provides solutions to thousands of construction companies globally and we are proud to be able to bring another cost-effective capability to the construction industry with this new Dropbox Sign for Procore Integration. Extending the value we deliver through end to end workflows with integrations like this one to our customer base is critical for us, “ said Shirin Arnold, Principal Global Construction Industry Lead for Dropbox

Key Features:

  1. New Side Panel Functionality: Users can generate a contract or commitment as usual within Procore and then send it for signature by completing a few metadata items in the context sensitive Side Panel.
  2. Signature requests can be monitored in the Side Panel, which can be opened or closed adjacent to the item the user is viewing.
  3. The signature request status is reflected in the item status for reporting and tracking purposes.
  4. Once all parties have executed, the signed document is automatically saved in Procore against the item record.
  5. Streamlined Installation: The installation can be triggered directly from the Procore App Marketplace, Procore Administrators can log in to the Procore Side Panel and configure the connection strings and even procure a suitable Dropbox Sign subscription.
  6. High-Level Security: Leveraging Dropbox’s secure infrastructure, Dropbox Sign for Procore provides end-to-end encryption for contracts and signatures.

How it Works

  1. Within Procore, navigate to the commitments, change events, or prime contracts section.
  2. Open the new in context Side Panel feature.
  3. Generate a contract or order that is ready for eSignature.
  4. Send the contract or order for execution via Dropbox Sign, without leaving the Procore application.
  5. Once executed the signed item is automatically saved in Procore against the item for record keeping.

“This update underscores our commitment to providing construction professionals with the most comprehensive, user-friendly, and efficient project management tools,” added Volker Schaberg, CTO at TEAM IM. “Our partnership with Dropbox has been instrumental in achieving this, and we are excited to see how Procore and Dropbox customers will leverage these new capabilities.”

Dropbox Sign for Procore Version is available for install on the Procore Marketplace



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