Understanding and Optimizing Oracle WebCenter Support with TEAM IM Enhanced Support

Mar 13, 2022 11:40:56 PM

Oracle WebCenter is one of the most recognized names in Enterprise Content Management. WebCenter’s functionality and versatility, as well as its compatibility with third-party products, has made it an integral part of business operations of many organizations worldwide.

Understanding the Basics of WebCenter Support

To get the most out of Oracle WebCenter, you need people who first understand the basics of the system that, in the case of an issue, can make a determination what can be addressed in-house and what needs to be escalated to Oracle Support or is additional requested functionality.

Optimizing Your Support

One of the first steps towards optimizing your use of WebCenter is ensuring you have members of your team that are thoroughly and comprehensively trained on WebCenter modules.

That knowledge can then be socialized through your organization—particularly when onboarding new hires. Over time, this will help improve usability from current workers and ensure new team members are using the WebCenter correctly. 

But even with in-depth knowledge of Oracle WebCenter, your organization will still need the resources for Oracle WebCenter product support and potentially additional resources for ongoing WebCenter configuration changes, upgrades, and ongoing maintenance. So, what are those resources? What are the types of WebCenter Support?

Types of WebCenter Support

When supporting WebCenter, there are essentially two types of support that include:

  1. Oracle WebCenter Product Support – For reporting bugs/issues with the product 
  2. WebCenter Enhanced Support (also called Configuration/Development Support) – For assistance with configuration changes, upgrades, and ongoing maintenance. 

Oracle provides WebCenter Product Support.  TEAM IM provides Enhanced Support which may include providing WebCenter Product Support as well. 

Oracle WebCenter Product Support

Oracle WebCenter Support is designed to provide application product support when issues arise, or functionality is not working as documented.  Types of Oracle WebCenter Product Support include:

Premier Support

As an Oracle customer, you can expect the best with Premier Support: Oracle’s award-winning, next-generation support program. Premier Support provides you with maintenance and support for Oracle Fusion Middleware products for five years from their general availability date. You benefit from

  • Major product and technology releases
  • Technical support
  • Access to My Oracle Support
  • Updates, fixes, security alerts, data fixes, and critical patch updates
  • Tax and Legal regulatory updates
  • Upgrade scripts
  • Certification with most new third-party products
  • Certification with most new Oracle products

Extended Support

Your technology future is assured with Oracle’s Extended Support. Extended Support lets you stay competitive, with the freedom to upgrade on your timetable. If you take advantage of Extended Support, it provides you with an extra three years of support for specific Oracle releases for an additional fee. You benefit from 

  • Major product and technology releases
  • Technical support
  • Access to My Oracle Support
  • Updates, fixes, security alerts, data fixes, and critical patch updates
  • Tax and legal regulatory updates
  • Upgrade scripts
  • Certification with most existing third-party products
  • Certification with most existing Oracle products

Extended Support may not include certification with some new third-party products/versions.

Sustaining Support

Sustaining Support puts you in control of your upgrade strategy. When Premier Support expires, if you choose not to purchase Extended Support, or when Extended Support expires, Sustaining Support will be available for as long as you license your Oracle products. With Sustaining Support, you receive technical support, including access to our online support tools, knowledgebases, and technical support experts. You benefit from

  • Major product and technology releases
  • Technical support
  • Access to My Oracle Support
  • Fixes, updates, and critical patch updates that were created during your period of Premier Support
  • Upgrade scripts created during your period of Premier Support stage

Please note that Sustaining Support does not include:

  • New updates, fixes, security alerts, data fixes, and critical patch updates
  • New tax, legal, and regulatory updates
  • New upgrade scripts
  • Certification with new third-party products/versions
  • Certification with new Oracle products

For more specifics on Premier Support, Extended Support, and Sustaining Support, please refer to Oracle’s “Technical Support Policies.”

WebCenter Enhanced Support

TEAM IM is an Oracle GOLD Partner and provides Enhanced Support for WebCenter, which includes development/configuration support services.  Enhanced Support utilizes a yearly contract with a set number of hours or service credits to provide assistance with things such as:

  • Assistance with Severity 1 support tickets with rapid turn around
  • Configuration changes 
  • Adding additional applications, workflows
  • Patching
  • Development
  • Training
  • First line support that works with Oracle support for issue resolution

Enhanced Support can be an extension of your organization’s capabilities to provide support for items that your teams may not have the bandwidth to complete.  It also can help expedite changes that are needed as your business grows 

Every Client has different needs, and TEAM IM’s Enhanced Support contracts can be tailored to the specific requirements of your organization. 

TEAM IM’s Enhanced Support also can include application support for a non-supported version of WebCenter while your organization works to complete a WebCenter upgrade to a currently supported version.  

With over 20 years of experience, including lessons learned and best practices for WebCenter, our experts can help resolve issues quickly. 

For more information on TEAM IM's Enhanced Support CLICK HERE.


TEAM IM is a global solution company that advises, develops, implements, supports, and manages enterprise grade information management and content management systems. For more than twenty years, TEAM has helped our clients through our offices in Australia, New Zealand, Europe, and the United States get the most out of their investment in technology. Whether our clients are large government agencies or corporations, construction firms, accounting firms, heavy industry, or smaller organizations, we strive to deliver demonstrable business benefits and generate real ROI and efficiencies for our clients.

Our products and services offer solutions to digitize, automate and modernize your operations.  TEAM works with our Clients to create multi-year, multiple outcome, outstanding return based relationships with our customers.  As we plan to support any solution we deliver, we take care to design for long term, future proof solutions.  We work best-in-class technology partners that we have carefully selected to ensure we can deliver on our multi-year, multiple outcome promises.  

Our products and solutions encompass Advisory Services, Business Process Automation, Optimization, Content Platforms and Content Services.  We are also a leader in Mobile App/Field Services software development, focusing on building Digital Workplaces with industry-specific solutions for the Construction and Accounting Services sectors—with more sector-specific solutions on the way.

The most important thing to know about TEAM IM is that, after more than twenty years, we are still passionate about achieving outstanding outcomes for you, our clients.

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