The Value of ABBYY Vantage and Intelligent Process Automation

Oct 19, 2022 9:18:34 AM

The desire to automate processes is nothing new. Automation increases efficiency in repetitive, labor-intensive tasks while allowing your team members to focus on generating value in ways that only a human mind is capable of doing.

But so far, process automation has been limited. ABBYY seeks to diminish those limitations through the application of digital intelligence and the usage of cloud native platforms.

Their new cloud native platform, ABBYY Vantage leverages artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to take document-based processes to a faster, truly automated future.

What is ABBYY FlexiCapture?

ABBYY FlexiCapture is a tool designed to make document management processes more streamlined and efficient. It recognizes relevant values from both structured and unstructured documents and brings them to the right workflows and decision engines.

On its own, Flexicapture is a great tool. It reduces processing time and opens the door for process automations at an earlier phase in document processing than was previously available. But it was still limited.

What is ABBYY Vantage?

ABBYY Vantage takes intelligent document processing to the next level of extensibility and scale. This cloud-native platform allows developers to use AI and ML to develop “skills” which then facilitate intelligent decision making to sort information from structured and unstructured sources of data.

The beauty of ABBYY Vantage is the community learning nature of the AI/ML learnings sets.  ABBYY Vantage learning sets are derived from recognizing document formats and data extraction rules from the entire community of clients, not just those you as a customer provide.  All customers get to benefit from the community learning sets which grow more and more applicable and powerful with each new learning.

Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) vs RPA

A major component to the success of ABBYY Vantage is the use of intelligent process automation over robotic process automation. Both use AI but IPA leverages ML to automate at a higher level of complexity than RPA is capable of.

The key difference between RPA and IPA is that RPA is task focused. You teach a task to AI that is rules-based and that AI carries out the job quickly and efficiently. But that’s where RPA stops.

Scaling RPA up becomes a problem because the machines involved can only recognize the task that they have been taught. They have no way to interpret data or to expand capabilities in any scalable way.

IPA, on the other hand, combines process intelligence, data mining, advanced analytics, natural language processing, and more to take a broader, more “big-picture” view of a process, not just a single task. So as the process scales, your IPA can scale with it.

That’s because the machine learning and artificial intelligence at play in IPA are learning “skills” instead of tasks. While RPA has a one-way focus of “if this input, then this output,” IPA sees the context of your data which allows for greater automation of more complex processes that can scale with growth.

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What Makes IPA Work?

IPA works because it combines process intelligence and intelligent document processing. But what do those terms mean?

Process Intelligence

One of the biggest roadblocks to automation is when an organization focuses on how their processes are supposed to work, not on how they actually work. A relatively simple process on paper can be extremely complex because of the number of applications that are needed to go from one step to the next.

Process intelligence takes a pragmatic view of processes. What is actually done is more important than the theoretical ideal of how things are supposed to work. But that’s just the beginning.

Using algorithmic analysis of time stamps on workflows, processes are mapped as they are to identify bottlenecks and problem areas that slow them down or derail the process’s efficiency. This allows the organization to rectify problematic areas in their processes to avoid automating inefficiencies. 

Intelligent Document Processing

The data that drives your processes comes from documents. Whether they are invoices or medical charts, documents are the means by which your organization receives data. But most automation only factors in the data itself. Intelligent document processing adds context.

By teaching AI reading “skills,” you get artificial intelligence that looks at your documents the same way a human would, only faster. This makes data actionable sooner and ensures that the right data is being used for each process.

This intelligent processing allows your automation to become a more intuitive part of your processes as mapped out with your process intelligence— creating a scalable automation solution that is capable of more complex tasks than RPA could hope to accomplish.

More Vantage Advantages

As was mentioned before, ABBYY Vantage is a cloud-native platform that brings its own host of benefits. Because it is cloud-based, the installation time is negligible. You don’t need to reconfigure your servers or bring in a team to install the application on every machine. That saves time and money.

Additionally, Vantage is a no code/low code platform, so just about anyone who has trained themselves on Vantage can develop new automations for changing processes.

Vantage works with all the leading document management systems, but thanks to TEAM IM, it works especially well with M-Files.

The ABBYY Connector for Vantage

TEAM IM has been so impressed by Vantage that we developed a connector to M-Files to make the two platforms work together even better than before. Now, when you use Vantage with M-Files, it is even easier to get optimal usage out of both.

The Connector allows you to bring your entire content repository to Vantage quickly and easily. Your repository can then be searched and processed using the skills learned by the Vantage AI for fast results that don’t ignore context.

The TEAM IM Connector for M-Files automatically makes your usage of Vantage better. You can apply vantage skills to incoming documents as well as your existing content for a more optimized approach to content management than you’ve ever had before.

Digital Intelligence is Here

By combining process intelligence with intelligent document processing, Vantage offers a service that outstrips robot process automation. The digital intelligence of Vantage can take your automation further than you thought possible.

That’s because Vantage automates the process, not the tasks. It does so by learning skills that allow for human-like decision making instead of task-oriented input/output modeling.

And with TEAM IM’s Connector for M-Files, your ABBYY Vantage can make your entire content repository searchable for context-rich, relevant, actionable information at the stroke of a key. 

The time to try out ABBYY Vantage is now. Reach out to the experts at TEAM IM and see just how far digital intelligence can take you. 


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