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Ian Rogers
Jun 20, 2022 6:51:42 AM

Many organisations, including ours, have adopted Microsoft Teams as a productivity tool, which can quickly lead to chaos. With too many teams, channels and groups with documents stored all over the place. We have found organisations loath to turn off Teams but want to understand what documents are being created and stored, whether they contain confidential or personal information, who can view them, and where are the original or current versions. Teams has allowed silos of information to proliferate, but Teams is also an incredible collaboration and productivity tool, so what do you do?

One way is to roll out Teams with a well-defined structure and policies but if you already have the chaos, we can help you at least search through the chaos to show you what is being stored. Syl Search has just released its Microsoft Teams connector that can search your Teams repositories and look for personal information, key phrases, or specific content and alert your administrators via email notifications or other media. Using Syl’s new Machine Learning functionality, you could also index all of your Teams content, and Machine Learning would report the most used themes, topics, or other metadata within your Teams installation and help you to regain control. Contact us at below if you are interested in learning more.


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