Trustworthy AI

Tyrone Coupland
May 26, 2022 4:31:43 AM

Trustworthy AI came up in a recent meeting I had with a NZ government agency. They were wanting to process documents at scale and looking at auto-classification technology to assess content. The question came up - how do we know the machine is making accurate assessments?

Increasingly, we see various calls to increase transparency in these processes. Requiring people to verify outputs at scale is not feasible, so other strategies are required, probably in combination, to build trustworthy AI.

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For the first waves of this technology, such strategies will be driven by the risks and cost of getting it wrong and the process for making corrections once issues are detected.

I think the call for making the algorithms transparent is only a minor part of it. Einstein gave us a formula for understanding space and time (or is that space-time?) I'm still not quite clear how the universe does its thing though. So for a few of us, we will want to see a bit more to help understand our AI driven processes. 

To that end, we may find ourselves using AI tools to help understand other AI tools. If we focus on the outcomes and can validate that we are achieving the expected results, the workings of the black box can be subject to other governance and model transparency techniques, and testing for outcomes becomes a correlation and confirmation mechanism. 

To bring this back into today's world, we are finding that Process Intelligence and Task Mining tools like ABBYY Timeline not only help discover process bottlenecks in your automated and semi-automated workflows but provide a level of visibility and transparency that helps quickly identify outliers and anomalies.

Drilling into these is not only an opportunity to correct customer service issues and create better customer experiences with maximum efficiencies, but a check on the overall process to review and understand the range of outcomes are within compliance, fiscal and legal responsibilities and ultimately ensures an organization operates according to its values.  

"Trustworthy AI has become a business-critical priority for organizations as it engenders consumer confidence, promotes brand equity, and fosters sustainable growth."

This insight (and above quote) was inspired by an ABBYY blog musing on Trustworthy AI on Twitter 


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