Syl Search finds the Marketplace

Tyrone Coupland
Mar 20, 2022 7:42:00 AM

The NZ Government Marketplace is an online market that makes it easier for government agencies to access digital services and for suppliers to deliver them. It was developed with support from local industry and government agencies.

The process for being listed on the Marketplace under the Managed Services category involves a review of all aspects of the supplier performance, from security and service management to capability and experience.

TEAM IM is already listed as a Tier 1 provider for content management services, and we recently received approval to list TEAM IM's Enterprise Search application, Syl Search. This will allow government agencies to reduce procurement costs by selecting products that have already achieved high standards in key supplier areas, as well as offering All of Government pricing. 

Our Government clients select Syl Search because it provides leading-edge features important to ensuring "findability." One such feature is Syl semantic search. This helps users locate relevant information based on the lexical meaning of the word. For example, "bank" could mean a natural geological feature, such as a river bank or ridge.  It could also mean a financial institution, an activity (the act of banking credit), or the manoeuvre of an aircraft. Syl allows the user to choose between the different concepts on the fly to improve search precision with a single click. 

More information on Syl Search.

More information on Marketplace | NZ Digital government



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