Vantage & M-Files - Beauty and Brains

Jon Chartrand
Jun 27, 2022 1:52:58 PM

I won't tell you which is beauty and which is brains in this match made in tech heaven, but ultimately it doesn't really matter. What matters is bringing these two powerhouses of capability together to supercharge our content. ABBYY Vantage is changing the document identification and extraction market by crowdsourcing ("process-sourcing"?) the power of machine learning. Select from a marketplace of skills or build your own, then let Vantage recognize, capture, and extract data from documents in a snap. Meanwhile, M-Files has been pushing the content management game into the light of intelligent indexing and universal vision with their 360-degree views. It's a perfect source of truth for any organization looking to bring disparate content sources under a single roof. As a partner to both innovators, Team IM has now bridged the cloud between these two with the ABBYY Vantage Connector for M-Files. With the connector in place, content can flow automatically (or on demand) from M-Files to any number of configured Vantage skills. Extracted data is then dynamically returned to M-Files for use in powering processes, workflows, approvals, or anything else! Imagine a scanned W2 or an invoice hits M-Files, and then vital data is extracted out automatically - names, addresses, line items, totals... All now available in metadata to drive search and processing. This is a real game changer and one I can't wait to demo!


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